Freitag, 17. Februar 2012

How to Use Video to Show, Not Tell, Your Brand Story

Product videos are vital to e-commerce sites, but they don’t always lead to increased search traffic or social media engagement. To maximize exposure and buzz, marketers need to explore other types of video formatsthat are better suited to that task. One example is a ‘making of’ or ‘behind-the-scenes’ video.

Opening up about your company culture and the processes behind your products is a good way to gain, or retain, consumer trust in this age of Radical Transparency. Rather than simply trading on an idea of what you stand for and living in fear of being found out, you can use online video to show that you’re actually ‘walking the talk’. You can bolster credibility and your bottom line by showing what your brand is doing in alignment with its purpose and values.

Online video is an ideal medium to tell the stories behind your products and build your brand authenticity because:

  • Viewers find video engaging, memorable, and easy to digest. The combination of moving images, graphics and narration packs a bigger punch than written words alone.
  • It puts a human face on your business, helping you come across as genuine, personable, and trustworthy. With a human face and voice behind a brand, it makes it easier for shoppers see the brand as a company that they’d like to do business with, whether immediately or sometime down the road.
  • Video lends itself well to social sharing, and lifts search engine rankings. (YouTube is now the second largest search engine after Google).
From: - Amanda Dhalla | Wednesday, 15 February 2012 

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